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Common Dieting Mistakes

Now a days, all you hear on both social media and real life, is how somebody is trying to lose weight for this or that reason. Somebody's getting their summer body ready, and somebody is just trying to fit back into their favorite pair of jeans again. Did you know, that most people fail to lose the weight they initially planned on losing to the sole reason that they started off their diet wrong? In this article we will be talking about the top 7 common mistakes people come to when trying to lose weight!

A Radical Start

Everyone knows that to lose weight, you have to lessen your calorie intake. Some people manage to start that process extremely radically. Yes, it makes sense, that if you want to lose weight, you must just stop consuming much food, but, here’s the thing. A huge caloric deficit in the very beginning of your diet will very quickly lead you to fatigue, irritability, constant hunger, as well as brain fog.

All these symptoms at the very beginning of your weight loss process will make it unbearable and very hard to endure each passing day. Extreme caloric deficits at the begging of the weight loss process also tend to lead to metabolism damage, and that can turn into long stalls in the weight cut process. Even worse, it can lead to you gaining more weight then you had in the first place if you quit such a diet to soon.

Focusing to much on the scale

A Lot of people focus way to much on what the scales say, when they should be focusing on what their eyes see in the mirror. When you start any diet, it takes your body a few days, if not weeks, to understand what is going on. The first few days, or maybe even weeks, you might not see any results, but if you do everything correctly, your body will play along and start showing the results on the scale as well.

That's a factor that most people do not take into consideration. They will harass their bodies by barley consuming any food, not see any results on the scales for a few days, and end up giving up before the battle even started.

Restrictions, Restrictions, Restrictions

When dieting, people restrict a lot of foods from their diet. Even though it is logical to restrict yourself from consuming most of the foods you would usually consume when not on a diet, do not forget that their of plenty of foods out there that do not need to be restricted.

Fruits, vegetables, foods high in fiber and protein are foods that you can consume without any seconds thoughts, and not gain much weight. It is important to understand, that when dieting, you still have to eat. Your body is a mechanism that is fueled by the foods you eat!

Knowing how to get off a diet

Sooner or later you will get to the point where you can finally get off your diet, if you initially were on one. It is very important to understand that when you lose the weight you wanted, you can't just go back to eating fried and greasy meals 2 times a day.

If you want to return to the meals you used to consume before, go for it, but attempt consuming them more rarely, and in smaller portions to not gain as much weight. Just like most things in life, dieting is a routine, and it is not good for you to just hop off a routine. Do it right.