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Facts That Show You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

The human body has various ways to show its owner that it is not happy with your life choices. If you are not eating properly, the body will start complaining by creating digestive issues for you. Lack of vitamins in your body will create skin, hair and nail issues. Same goes for sleep. The body has dozens of ways to show you that it desperately needs more sleep for it to function properly. Here are a few of those warning signs you should watch out for!

Skin Issues  

Wrinkles and acne breakouts are a common seen when you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation damages the immune system. In return, it does not function properly, so forth, leading to acne and wrinkles.

Eyes Say A Lot About a Person

The eyes can give a lot away about a person. Especially if he isn't getting enough sleep. Dark circles, puffiness, redness and bags under and around the eyes is the first sign of sleep deprivation. The ones who have extremely severe cases of sleep deprivation get wrinkles and swelling under the eyes as well.

You Gain Weight Rapidly  

Very few people know that during your sleep, your body produces the hormones ghrelin and leptin- the two hormones that affect how hungry you feel throughout the day. The less you sleep, the less amount of those hormones is produced during the night, leading to a bigger and stronger appetite during the day.

A Crazy Crave For Junk Food

Studies have shown that after a short night of low quality sleep, you are more likely to choose a hot dog or cheeseburger instead of a soup or salad for lunch. A sleep deprived brain is 70% has a greater chance to crave unhealthy snacks and meals. Keep that in mind before ordering that double patty burger for lunch!

You Consume Way More Caffeine

You without a doubt saw this point coming. Multiple studies have shown that the less sleep you get, the more caffeine you consume. Caffeine may seem like the answer to poor sleep, but at the same time, it could be the cause of it . In the short run, it keeps you awake throughout the day, but for the long run, it may cause insomnia and other sleep disorders. Think about that before you consume your next double espresso.


Being extremely irritable is another big sign of sleep disorder. Lack of sleep leads to stress, anger, and overall mental exhaustion! The less sleep you get, the less relax time your brain gets. In return, it leads to extreme moodiness.


Depression and lack of sleep are closely tied. Even worse, it seems like they are a team. Depression leads to lack of sleep, and lack of sleep leads to depression. Tough world we live in.

Memory and Focus Issues

Having less than 7 hours of sleep can drastically affect your memory and focus throughout the week. Lack of sleep makes you groggy, and in return it affects your concentration and memory. This makes you less productive at either work or your studies- and causes problems! Get your average 8 hours of sleep to avoid such problems.