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Getting Rid of Headaches

Every once in a while everyone gets headaches. They can occur from stress throughout the day, unexpected events, or completely spontaneously. Nevertheless, here are some tips & tricks to help you avoid headaches, and if that is too late, there are some tips that will help you relieve your headache.

What should I do?

Close your eyes and rest One of the first things you should do once you get a headache, is to close your eyes and try your best to fall asleep. There is a high chance that your headache may come from over exposure towards light or electronics. Therefore, the best choice for you to do is to turn off your computer or smartphone, and spend some time relaxing without it. If that does not seem to help, try taking a nap in order to let your brain rest and refresh itself.

Hydration – Another aspect that could be causing your headaches is dehydration. If you are staying hydrated throughout the day then the chance of getting a headache is much lower. Even if you are already suffering from a headache, drinking a glass of water will help relieve your headache within the next 15-30 minutes.

Relax – If you think that your headache is caused by stress, then the best option for you would be to relax and try to relieve yourself from stress. Get a nice hot cup of herbal tea, a couple of blankets and watch a movie. It is best to not play games, use your phone, or read a book, since they all cause your brain to concentrate on extremely specific aspects. Watching a movie on the other hand is entertaining as well as relaxing for your brain.

If that isn’t helping?

If you are used to having chronic headaches, that keep coming back, then some supplements may help you deal with your problem. Your headaches may be caused from various sources depending on your personal specificities.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – The Ginkgo Biloba Extract helps dilate the blood vessels in your head to allow greater blood flow towards your brain. The headaches may be caused from narrow blood vessels decreasing the blood flow to your brain.

Vitamin B12 (Methyl cobalamin) – Vitamin B12 plays a large role in energy production inside of your nerve cells. In fact, Methul cobalamin helps boost the energy production levels. If the energy levels in the nerve brain cells are below the norm, they will not function correctly which has a high chance of resulting in headaches.

Guarana Seed Extract – The Gurana Seed Extract helps boost mental performance overall. It regulates the blood flow levels, relieves strains through the brain, and in some cases even helps relieve the stress in the brain. It helps decrease the chances of getting a headache by optimizing the brain’s performance.

 I hope these tips have come in useful, or will come in useful in the future. If your headaches do not seem to go away be sure to visit a medical specialist which will help you get back on track!