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How Sleep Affects Your Mind and Body

The one thing that we tend to put off until later because we consider it unimportant has the highest impact on us.

Sleep. We often think to ourselves, “I have to do this, I will get enough sleep later!” without truly considering the impact, a lack of sleep can have on our body. We end up staying later than normal; decreasing the period our body has to rest during the night. Throughout the next day, we feel tired, seemingly lazier, and less emotional. However, sleep deprivation has a much stronger impact than one can imagine.

Lack of Sleep Makes You:

Irritable. You may have noticed that once you do not get enough sleep, you often end up being crankier than normal. Even the smallest things seem to annoy you.

Stress. When you get the little amount of sleep that you do, things begin to appear a lot more drastic than they really are. You begin stressing over the dumbest things such as getting to work on time, even though you left earlier than usual.

Angry. A lack of sleep has the tendencies to make people more aggressive. When your body is well rested, the mind is more relaxed knowing everything is fine. However, sleep deprivation puts the body under stress, triggering a defense mechanism, which causes the aggression.

Lack of Sleep Affects Your:

Amygdala. The Amygdala serves as your emotional control center deep in the brain. When the brain is rested, the activity levels in the Amygdala are high; however, they drop with lack of sleep. Which can often result in an irrational display of emotions.

Hippocampus. The Hippocampus is the area of the brain where all new information is stored. Sleep deprivation results in the weakening of the Hippocampus, which means that new information is not absorbed as effectively.

But I Can’t Fall Asleep!

The reason for this may be the fact that you are lacking one of the 3 important nutrients!

Calcium is responsible for transmission of signals throughout your nervous system. Lack of calcium means, that even if your brain is tired, your body is not getting the memo.

Pyridoxine (B6) is incredibly important if you want to keep your nerves healthy. Together with Calcium, you can’t go wrong!

Biotin is the vitamin that helps convert food into energy. A lack of biotin means that your body is still struggling with the conversion of food into energy. That is why nutritionists suggest the last intake of food be at 6 pm.

Make sure to give your body enough sleep, and watch how grateful it will be to your mind!