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How To Keep Your Thoughts Positive

 We are our own worst enemy when it comes to thoughts. Negative thoughts can make it unbearable to live. So you gotta kick them out of your head. There are many ways of how negative thoughts turn our everyday lives into nightmares. However, we never really take the time to stop and think to ourselves, how bad do negative thoughts really affect me?

 Truth is, depending on the severity of the bad thoughts, they can affect our lives drastically. The most common bad thoughts appear from overthinking about your problems, and overthinking in general. You begin asking yourself questions such as “Am I good enough?” or “Will I really be able to do it?” and in the eventually, those thoughts begin destroying your enthusiasm and motivation. Those initially small doubts ended up destroying your will do something. Negative thoughts also contribute to the amounts of stress you receive, the amount of procrastination you do, and sometimes, the negative thoughts can even reflect on your health.

Now that we have established the issue, it is time to try to deal with it, because who wants to live with negative thoughts their whole life! There are many small, seemingly insignificant things that you can do to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Focus on positive things: It sounds a bit cliché, but it does really help. Focusing on all the good things that happen, whether it was last year, last month, or even today in the morning. No matter how small and meaningless they are, the positive thoughts soon become a habit.

Learn from your mistakes: Instead of constantly dwelling about that mistake you made last year, learn from it. Analyze what you did wrong, and just don’t do it again. You aren’t able to fix the mistake you did in the past, so why spend so much time and energy re-living it.

Focus on the present: There is no need to keep stressing out about your past, or about what is coming up in the future. Live the moment. Instead of thinking how bad things will be later on, focus on solving your problems to have the best future possible.

Hang out with positive people: The circle of people you hang out with can often help structure your character. Therefore hanging out with positive people will soon help your thoughts become positive as well!

There are some cases where you think you are overwhelmed with everything, and you can’t avoid negative thoughts. In these cases, the following can help:

Biotin helps create energy, and once your body is energized, the negative thoughts leave on their own!

Magnesium helps regulate nerve function and sugar levels.  It helps get rid of the unnecessary stress that you created, and makes reational thinking a lot easier!

Rhodiola Rosea acts as a magical extract. It helps reduce levels of stress, and even reduce symptoms of depression, making you happier altogether!

 Even when you think things are hopeless, there is always a way to find something or someone that makes you happy! Stay positive and always look forward to the good things in life!