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How to slow down the aging process?

In 1992, 40 progressive American doctors were gathered to establish a new direction - anti-aging program. It was more about the prevention of age acquired diseases. If someone is 80, but active as at 50 and is living a full life, then it does not matter what age is on the paper! Doctors advise to divide the biological age (the state of vital organs and systems - biomarkers of age) and calendar. Studying such biomarkers can help to prevent aging. If you know the "risk areas", then try to take systematically a course of revitalization with large doses of antioxidants, detoxification or, say, support for bioidentical hormones. Your organism will "remember" this information for a while and respond with better performance, a higher concentration of attention, thus, healthier behavior. Unlike the traditional medicine, anti-aging doctors began to practice the holistic approach, combing the latest technologies with the achievements of non-traditional and sports medicine.

Doctors say that active aging overtakes women after forty years, and men - a little earlier, already at 35 years they can feel the signs of aging. Specialists in anti-aging usually address those people who:

  • Being very tired and unable to properly relax;
  • Note the desire to shorten their lives or have already tried to commit a suicide;
  • Aren’t satisfied with themselves and their capabilities;
  • Experiencing emotional tension;
  • Can not relax or strain where the situation requires;
  • Are constantly jealous of people around them.

If you do not want to go with the flow and get old like the rest, then your body probably demands an anti-aging program. A person who calls on anti-aging specialists is sent for a full medical examination to identify any chronic diseases that need immediate treatment. According to experts, certain procedures are the key to success to prevent aging.

Each person has a chance to slow down the aging process on their own or simply "smooth" it. In order to succeed, you must follow these basic rules:

  • Eat well and drink plenty of water;
  • Do sports and be a physically active person;
  • Apply anti-aging skin care treatments;
  • Increase biotin vitamins intake, it will help you to keep your body and skin healthy;
  • Avoid stress and try to rest on time;
  • Stick to your daily health plan and most importantly- stay positive;

At the end of the day - do not wait for serious signs of aging and take care of them ahead of time. All this together will lead you to a healthier and happier lifestyle.