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How To Stay Healthy

    Everyone wants to be healthy, but very few are ready to do what it takes. How come? There are all sorts of trends going around the globe where people think of new and interesting ways of how to purify, detox, and keep your body healthy. Vegan diets, crash diets, semi vegan diets, you name it, they have it. Yet, did you know, that you can keep your body healthy without all of these modern day trends?

    Its astonishing once you sit down and think about how each person you most likely met has mentioned at least once how he wants to start eating and living healthy. There are all sorts of theories on how to keep your body healthy, and here in this article we will give you the most commonly known tips that have proven themselves with time.

 Eat Properly

Eating properly is one of the biggest success factors when it comes to keeping your body healthy. In the United States, obesity rates are at an all time high, with ⅔ of the country either overweight or obese. To help yourself out of this situation, it is best to stick to specific foods more often, and avoid others frequently.

 The foods you should consume more are:

Vegetables and Fruits
Whole Grains
Fat free or low fat dairy products
Lean Protein

 The foods you should avoid more are:

Sugars and Fats
Dietary Cholesterol
Refined Grains

 Even though it may seem simple at first to follow these guidelines when it comes to watching what you eat, the way most of our lives are built, its close to impossible to do so. Keep in mind that it is almost helps to eat a big variety of foods, and to avoid overeating. Balance your intake, and you are guaranteed to see results sooner or later.


If you started watching what you eat, and not overeating, a good exercise everyday or two will only make it better. Exercise is important because of multiple reasons, such as cardiovascular health and weight management. The only problem is, exercising involves devoting time to it, and that might be a problem for most people. Yet, there's still a way to get the exercise you need to keep your body healthy. Walking. Something as simple as walking get help your health more than you would ever expect. Go for a short 25 minute walk during your lunch break can help you burn as much as 300 calories! Next time you have the urge to go somewhere that's fairly close, walk there. If you ordered some chinese take out, and the restaurant is just a mile and a half a way, walk there. By walking there and back, you will burn the calories you will consume. You get a work out that will cancel out the calories you are about to intake, without even breaking a sweat!

Walking also helps you:

Strengthen your heart
Increase bone density
Build endurance


Getting the right amount of sleep per night is extremely important for your body to function properly. The less sleep you get per night, the more you stress out your body and everything in it. The more you stress out everything in your body, the more effects it will have on your health. It is said that a human on average needs 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Stick to that bare minimum for your own health. Your body is a lot like a clock, constantly ticking, but even clocks have breaks where they are cleaned and fixed up. Sleep is that cleansing and fixing process for your body. Don't deprive your body of that!