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How To Stay Young: Top 15 Anti-Aging Tips - 24bio

How To Look And Feel Younger

Less Stress

A lot of you may already know that stress has a significant impact on your aging. The more you stress, the faster your body begins to age. Those signs may show up as graying hair or even wrinkles. Although some stress is practically inevitable, you can reduce a large portion of your everyday stress. For example, drinking green tea can reduce stress thanks to L-Theanine, which has a soothing and calming effect. There are other stress reducing activities you can do, however not everyone can fit it into their daily schedule.

Stay Out of the Sun

Sunlight can be extremely harmful for your skin. Although the vitamin D that it contains is important for the correct formation of the bones in your body. Staying out in the sunlight without sunscreen can result in sunburns. The ultraviolet light penetrates the outer layers of your skin and can damage or even kill the skin cells in the deeper layers of the skin. In order to keep your cells alive and healthy, be sure to cover your skin in the sun, or wear sunscreen. However, you should remember that the sun in the winter is still harmful. Make sure you wear sunscreen on your face so that you keep your skin cells protected from the sun!

Get the Workout

There is a significant difference between looking young, and staying young! In order to stay young, you have to look after your body and keep your muscles in shape. Staying toned will make you feel better about yourself. You will feel healthier, more energized, lighter, stronger, and most importantly, younger. You do not have to do heavy lifting or intense workouts. All you have to do is perform exercises every now on then, preferably on a constant basis. Simple exercises such as swimming, biking, or even walking will do the job!

Lose Weight

Having extra weight often reflects on your body. The weight can strain your joints as well as your organs. If you have some extra weight that you can lose, don’t hesitate to do so. There is no need to lose all the weight in a short period of time. In fact, it is much better for you to change your lifestyle instead of sticking to a diet and exercise plan. Include more greens in your diet, more white meats, and try to stay away from carbohydrates and red or fatty meat. You will begin to feel much better about yourself once you see the results this food-lifestyle brings. 

Less Alcohol

Alcohol has several negative effects on your body as a whole. Especially when it comes to premature aging. For starters, alcohol dehydrates your body. This means that the water in your cells, including your skin cells, is drained. The lack of water in your cells can result in wrinkles, which in turn results in accelerated aging. However, your skin is not the only thing affected by the alcohol. Another part that is significantly affected by the alcohol is your hair. The dryness caused by the dehydration of the alcohol causes hair to become weak, brittle, and can even cause split ends. Drinking a large amount of alcohol can result in zinc depletion in your body, which causes hair loss.

Stop Smoking

Smoking, aside from age, is the largest factor that causes aging for your skin. The reason for this being that the nicotine narrows the blood vessels in the outer most layer of your skin. This prevents the skin cells from receiving the necessary liquids and nutrients to keep them well nourished. Smoking on its own is bad for your health, but if that is not enough to get you to quit, consider the effects of smoking on your aging process.

Use Anti-Aging Supplements

There are many supplements that are great for your skin and body. Supplements are specifically made in order to supply the nutrients to your cells. Some of the best nutrients for your skin include Verisol Collagen, Creatine, and Grapeseed Extract. These nutrients help the cells retain water and ensure that they stay healthy. If you are looking for ways to preserve your youth, Anti-aging supplements are definitely going to help you out.

Eat More Omega-3 Fatty

Omega-3 is the best possible supplement you can take for your skin. It has all of the nutrients that you would ever need for your dry skin or greasy skin. High levels of Omega 3 help retain water in the cell, letting your skin stay moisturized and soft. Normally you could take a certain amount of Omega 3 Fatty per day. The amount and size of the serving depends on the severity of your skin condition, as well as the supplement itself. The best way to consume the Omega 3 is through pills. Simply taking the specified dose prescribed on the pills will do wonders for your skin.

Visit Yoga Classes

Yoga helps you relax as well as keep your body in tone. Relaxing is an important factor in order to keep your skin young. However, it is even more important to keep your body young. Doing exercise and stretches, such as yoga, will help keep your muscles toned and relaxed, allowing you to feel better about yourself. As you start to age, your muscles become less and less flexible, often causing discomfort or pain. Doing yoga will help you to

Drink More Water

It is crucial for your skin to avoid being dehydrated. Drinking water, not juices or soda, helps your cells receive the water that they desperately need. When your cells are hydrated, they operate properly, retaining moisture to make your skin look and feel younger. Not only that, water helps the rest of your organs function correctly, ensuring that they do their jobs and produce the right nutrients. If your skin has difficulty with retaining water, many different supplements will help you change that.

Sleep on Your Back

This may sound like a ridiculous thing to do, however it really helps. When you sleep on your side or your stomach, your face squishes against the pillow, which may lead to wrinkles. Sleeping on your back keeps your face straight up and prevents it from being pressed on your pillow. Although this may sound insignificant in the short run, over the years sleeping on your back can save you countless wrinkles.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has many powerful antioxidants, which help slow down the aging process. Drinking green tea will help your cells receive all of the antioxidants from within. However, if you have the time for it, you can make green tea masks. Green tea masks help the skin cells receive the antioxidants that help slow the aging process directly. This allows your skin to remain younger for longer!

Be Active

Staying stationary for a long time can result accelerated aging. Having constant exercise or a sport that you play will significantly prolong your youth. Staying doesn’t simply mean looking young. You have to feel young, and making sure that your body does not ache or stiffen. Keeping your muscles in shape will result in your body feeling stronger and more flexible. There is no need to perform straining exercises with extreme weights. You simply need exercises

Fall in Love

Falling in love will help you stay motivated. Having a person that you love and loves you back, will reduce your stress. Not only that, but you will experience more joy and activity. You will have more reasons to go out and stay active. This may sound cliché, but with true love you forget your age, and you will feel younger every day.

Remain Positive

It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Therefore staying positive will help your skin stay younger. Staying positive will not only help keep your skin younger, but it will also let you stay healthier. Staying positive may be difficult, however it is one of the most important things to do for your well-being.