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How To Structure An Everyday Diet


Thousands of women worldwide are dreaming of a well-shaped body. A plentiful of methods for this means can be found both online and offline. Starting from SPA, private food coaching, dietary blogs and fitness programs- everybody has a variety of ways to reach the demanded result. However, the majority of them are based on and normally begin with a simple word- a diet.

A diet itself represents a special food agenda, one has to follow to achieve a specific result. Within the diet types, doctors highlight:

  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Raw Food Diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • The Blood Type Diet

And many others.

The majority of them add or substitute an exact dietary component, for example Lactose, Sugar, Salt or Protein. These diets can be extremely complicated for  the everyday needs and can require a consultation with a professional nutritionist.

Instead of facing such time-taking interventions, we would like to offer You an easy 5-days diet, which both male and female readers can find interesting.

Take an advantage of every single one of them!

The Paleo Diet — Is normally described as the best diet in terms of a nutritional approach. It includes an intake of diverse proteins, fruits and vegetables, fats from nuts and seeds. It improves the blood lipids and restructures the balance of vitamins in your organism.

The Raw Food Diet — As You can catch from the name, this type of diet undertakes a consumption of plant-based raw products. Fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables. Unfortunately, in the long term it is potentially harmful, as cuts down an inflow of essential animal-based proteins.

The Vegan Diet — Since a huge rise of vegetarianism and veganism, this diet has become a number one cult in our society. It undertakes a food agenda of eating raw, plant-based nutrition and is sort of similar to The Raw Food Diet. 

The Mediterranean Diet — Is traditional in Mediterranean countries, characterized especially by a high consumption of vegetables and olive oil and a moderate consumption of protein, and thought to confer health benefits.

The Blood Type Diet — This diet came to mass around five years ago and is represented as the most accurate diet one needs in terms of his genome, metabolism and microbiome. It is hard to structure by yourself and will be more effective to be prescript by your nutritionist.