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Insomnia and How To Deal With It

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder with which we all deal with at some point of our lives. This disorder is divided into two categories- chronic and temporary. It is said that chronic insomnia is when you have more then 3 sleepless nights a week. Everything under that number is known as temporary insomnia.

Chronic Insomnia  is usually caused because of a number of things. Depression, anxiety disorder, medication and naturally higher hormone levels are a few of those reasons. Besides daily life struggles, things such as nicotine, caffeine, and electronic gadgets are a few other causes of chronic insomnia! Both caffeine and nicotine are stimulants which disrupt the ability for a person to properly fall asleep. Your gadgets such as phone, laptop, as well as tablet keep you awake at night because of the artificial light, which then interferes with sleep. It is recommended to avoid using any electronic devices in your bed, so your brain associates your bed as a place to sleep, instead of a place where you surf the web.


Temporary Insomnia is caused because of more simple reasons such as stress in our personal, and work environments. Worries about family or your job, an argument with a family member or a colleague, and even hearing something terrifying over the news broadcast and easily lead to a few nights of insomnia!

What Activities Help Fight Insomnia

Exercise is one of the most common ways that people fight chronic and temporary insomnia. Regular exercises can do wonders to your body and soul, including keep your weight and blood pressure at an all time low. Draining yourself physically throughout the day, is almost a guarantee for a goods night sleep once you get to your bed. Note that if you workout a few hours before you go to bed, your body may get over stimulated, which in the end could make it harder for some of you to fall asleep. It is recommend to workout in the morning, or before 7 pm.     

Relaxation Techniques such as yoga and reading a book are two great examples of how people fight insomnia. Being able to fully relax your body and soul does wonders, one of which is making you want to fall asleep almost instantly if the place and time is right!

A few important things to know when you are experiencing insomnia on a constant basis are these. Do not for yourself when in bed to fall asleep. Go to bed only when you realize that you are close to passing out, and you know that when you touch the pillow with your head that it will be lights out from that moment for you. The more you force your body to sleep in bed when it does not want to, the more of a habit it will become for your brain to fight the urge of sleeping while you are in bed.

Supplements are also a common answer to sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Rid yourself of countless hours trying to fall asleep with sleep aid by 24bio!