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Keeping Your Nails Healthy & Shiny

We all love to look after our nails, however it often feels like the hours of work we put into them does not pay off. They always seem to be lacking something. Here are some tips & tricks in order to help naturally improve the conditions of your nails.

What to do:

Use moisturizer – Keeping your nails and the skin around your nails is incredibly important to help make your nails look shiny and healthy. Simply applying some hand lotion will help moisturize and freshen up your nails. The lotion will also help avoid cuticles as they often appear as a result of dry skin.

Soak in lukewarm water – Soaking your fingertips in warm water will help relax them and allow them to absorb all the necessary water. Doing this for a couple minutes just before you need to go somewhere will help keep your nails looking shiny without any extra products.

Avoid at all costs:

Peeling off gel Nails – Never ever ever think about peeling off your gel nails. Not only can it be painful but it also damages your nails. Use gel nail remover or wait for them peel off on their own in order to avoid dealing damage to your nails.

Don’t cut cuticles – Cuticles can be annoying, however if you end up getting a few cuticles, do not cut them on your own. If done incorrectly, it may result in even more cuticles. If you want to get rid of them, go for a quick manicure in order to fix up your nails. If you do not have time for that, use cuticle remover as it will help prevent damaging your skin.

Supplements to Improve Nail Growth –

Biotin – Biotin is a vitamin B that helps promote healthy cell growth. Not only does it make sure that your cells stay healthy and in great condition, but it also aids in the digestion of protein-building amino acids, allowing your nails to be rich in protein and stay strong.

M.S.M. – M.S.M. or Methylsulfonylmethane helps strengthen the protein in your nails called Keratin. It enriches the keratin with sulfur, which helps keep your nails strong and shiny.

Horsetail Extract – Unlike the common misconception, Horsetail extract does not come from real horses. Horsetail is a plant, which helps retain liquid and keeps your cells hydrated.

Be sure took take your time and patience to keep your nails looking good!