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Stress Relief Tips

Stress, either we like it or not, appears in every humans life out of the blue. You could wake up in the morning with the sun shining, birds singing, but as soon as you get to work you can find out that the project you were supposed to have in by yesterday didn’t get to your boss because of technical difficulties. Your boss starts giving you a lecture and bam. Stress.


A lot of people believe that meditation is a useless waste of time, but if you just give it a shot- you’ll see how it can help relieve you from stress. Practicing meditation for just 5-10 minutes every day can alter the brains neural pathways, and thus making you more resilient to stress.


Whenever you are feeling stressed out and feel like going rampage, take a few deep breaths and socialize with someone. Talk about something positive. Last night’s football game, the vacation you are going on soon, the brand new TV you just bought for your living room. 5-10 of minutes of socializing with someone can really help you ease the effects of pain. Don’t worry, be happy J

Crank up the music

Feel down? Stressed? Literally want nothing from life at the current moment? Crank up your favorite song and start jamming!  Distracting yourself to a jam that’s gets you excited and gets the blood going is without a doubt one of the best stress relievers out there!

Don’t just sit there

Being stressed and sitting/stand on one spot is without a doubt one of the worst possible ways to be spending your time when stressed. When you are just sitting or standing, it gives time for thoughts to crawl into your head, and usually, the negative ones. Go ahead and go for a simple walk. If you’re more of a running type of person, go for a quick jog around the block. Keep moving, it really helps to keep bad thoughts out of your head!

Be Grateful

You might be wondering what kind of hippy nonsense I am talking about, but, seriously, just be grateful for what you have in your life. Be grateful that you woke up. Be grateful that you have a job. Be grateful for everything you have in life even if it’s something as simple as being able to drive to work on a car. Life is made up of little things. Cherish them and watch stress not bother you no more.