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Top 10 Diet Tips

Up until this day, August 18th of 2017, 30% of the world's population is obese or overweight. What does that mean? Simple. Its diet time! Welcome to 24Bios first blog post- Top 10 diet tips! Keep checking up on our blog posts for weekly updates for more useful information!

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is something every human being should have on his or her agenda. Besides It keeping you from having to walk through the doors sideways and having to stop for a breather every floor on your way up to work, it keeps your body healthy. There are two things In life money can't buy- that's happiness and health. Watch out for your health by eating healthy!

Avoid liquid calories

If you wanna have a good healthy and fit body, there are certain things you are going to have to give up. Juices, lemonades, sodas and almost every alcoholic drink are on that list. Stick with water and bless yourself with a cold one once a week just to please those taste buds.  

Balance your diet

A balanced diet is one of the key factors for any successful diet. Watching what you eat and eating at the right time in the day can make a major impact on how your diet goes.

Brush your teeth after 7pm

It has been scientifically proven that If you brush your teeth after dinner, you are less likely to eat again before you go to bed. Amazing way to avoid midnight fridge raids!

Fruits for snacks

When you are dieting and you are at the point where your office pen starts to look edible, grab a fruit.

Morning jog

Getting up in the morning and go for a jog can really make a difference! Wake up 20,30 minutes earlier and go for a small run and you'll even feel better throughout the day!

Avoid sweets and wheat products

Avoiding sweets and wheat products Is probably one of the biggest success factors of any proper diet! Drop that twinkie and carbonara pasta and go hit the gym!

Hitting the gym

Hitting the gym even just 3 times a week for an hour can help your diet immensely! No need to be a powerlifter, but just doing the most basic stuff can really help!

Spice up your food

Spicing up whatever you decide to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner can help curb the desire of eating much. Take your time when eating When you do get to sit down and enjoy a diet like meal, do not rush. Chew slowly and enjoy the moment.

Do not look at the fridge

Avoid contact with the enemy. Do not look at him, and most importantly, do not open him.