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The Importance of Water

A human's body is roughly 60% water. Even though it is commonly known that you must drink eight 8 ounce glasses on a daily basis, there is actually close to no science behind this specific rule. In this article we will be breaking down a few well known facts about properly keeping your body hydrated, and the perks of doing so.

Water (Also known as H2o) is an important factor when it comes to the physical performance of a human's body in high heat or intense exercise. The dehydration process can have a major effect on your performance if you even loose as little as 2% of your body's water source without quickly restoring it. This is one of the reasons why athletes consume so much water on a daily basis. A professional athlete may lose up to 11% of their water weight via sweat. Low water levels in your body could lead to altered body temperature control, increased fatigue, and make day to day things seem way more difficult both mentally and physically.

Low water levels in your body can also cause huge problems with brain function and the energy levels of your body. Some studies have shown that even a 1% decrease in your bodies water levels can show negative effects in your brain's performance. Something as small as a 1% decrease in water levels can cause a negative mood, less concentration, and headaches occurring more often. Multiple studies have shown that the more water you consume, the lower the chances of migraines and headaches. Consuming water during a headache or migraine may even relieve the symptoms of these two unpleasant brain aches.  Water is also known as a great way to ease the symptoms of constipation!

Water is what fuels the human body. It's what keeps it going and healthy. Drink water! Stay healthy!