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Thickening Your Hair

Is your hair losing volume and looks flat all the time? Well, it is time you do something about it. In this article you can find some useful tips and tricks to make sure that your hair grows thicker and healthier! You do not need to waste unreasonable amounts of money for products that claim to restore your hair. All you need to do is follow those simple tips!

What should I do?

Avoid Sulfate – Sulfate, although melts away grease and dirt, it can severely dry your scalp. Therefore, when choosing your shampoo it is best to avoid shampoos that contain sulfate. This way, you will be able to clean your hair properly without damaging your scalp.

Deep cleanse your scalp – About once every 5 days, you should take your time to properly clean your scalp. However do not use your nails, be sure to gently, yet thoroughly massage the scalp. Cleaning the scalp too often can result in dryness, however if you do it once every 5 days, it will keep it clean and healthy.

Curl your hair – A fast way to get visually thicker hair is curling your hair. Although it does not actually make your hair thicker, curling your hair visually gives it more volume. Hence, it is a great solution if you do not have a lot of time

If those methods are taking no effect, or simply taking too long, there are always natural supplements you can take to help you accelerate the process, such as:

 Amla – Amla is a great source of Vitamin C, Iron, calcium, and phosphorous which makes it a great supplement to take altogether. However, the reason Amla is great for your hair, is the amino acids and proteins that it contains which help strengthen the roots of the hair, as well as the hair itself.

M.S.M. – This is the organic form of Sulfate. It helps improve hair and scalp, by supplying and strengthening the keratin protein, which makes up our hair.

Bamboo Extract – Bamboo extract contains bamboo silica, which is also great for your skin. However, the reason we chose bamboo extract as one of the main supplements to take in order to improve your hair condition, is because it contains collagen. It contains important compounds of collagen that not only strengthen your hair, but they also thicken your hair.

Hopefully our tips and tricks will help get your hair into great shape!