Licorice 10:1 Extract

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Licorice comes from the plant family called Glycyrrhiza, which is literally translated as "sweet root." Licorice is often used in traditional medicine to cure different diseases and improve health.

One of its most important compounds is Glycyrrhizin, the sugar form of Glycyrrhetic Acid. The compound is known to be effective in increasing cortisol and decreasing testosterone levels.

Benefits of Licorice: Licorice contains compounds that enhance the immune system, supply healthy levels of cholesterol and provide antioxidant support. Some studies also show that it enhances brain power.

Glycyrrhizin could possibly prevent tissue injury In hepatitis and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. There is also strong evidence that licorice decreases LDL oxidation more than other supplements.

Other studies show that one compound called carbenoxolone slows down the effects of aging in the brain by inhibiting an enzyme that is responsible for producing stress-related hormones in the brain. The compound also keeps the cognitive skills in top shape.