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Methionine is an essential amino acid that is of particular importance to the body. This amino acid cannot be synthesized by the body itself; thus, a dietary supplement is needed to maintain a sufficient supply in the body. Methionine, along with cysteine are the only amino acids that contain sulfur. It plays an important role In the synthesis of carnitine and melatonin. Furthermore, methionine also keeps the liver healthy by dissolving the fats deposited in it.

Benefits of Methionine: Methionine strengthens your nails, prevents hair loss, and produces sulfur which is an important component of cartilage in the joints. Sulfur, which is present in methionine, is important in the healing process of damaged joints. Studies have shown that people with arthritis have three times less sulfur in their bodies than those who are healthy. Methionine can also produce sulfur chains which in return strengthen hair strands and nail structures. Studies showed that those who have higher levels of methionine have faster hair growth.

Found In: Brazil nuts, lean beef and lamb and Parmesan cheese.