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Protease is a proteolytic or systemic enzyme which helps break down proteins during digestion. There are different types of protease which has different methods of breaking the peptide bonds.

Protease has also been used in different types of therapy and has shown great benefits in inflammations, immune system, and oncology.

Proteolytic enzymes are not only helpful in digesting food but also in flushing out the cell walls of harmful organisms in the body. They also break down cellular debris, toxins, and undigested proteins that are not needed so that the immune system can function properly.

Like bromelain, papaya and pineapple are the best sources of protease. Whole grains, especially sourdough breads, are high in proteolytic enzyme.

Benefits of Protease: Protease is beneficial in disease management and prevention. Studies show that protease reduces problems in the colon as well as stop or slow down irritation by neutralizing the biochemicals that are associated with it.

Protease has also been found to aid skin cell regeneration in skin burns and stomach ulcers. It also releases amino acids that are important for gut flora.

The proteolytic enzymes also help to clean the lymph and circulatory systems free from organic debris. There are also some types of protease that can improve blood flow.