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Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 is an important B vitamin to maintain the general health of the body including the health of red blood cells, skin, and nerves. It is found in almost all types of food including meat, fruits, and vegetables. Pyridoxine is basically used to treat Vitamin B6 deficiency and anemia as well as some types of infant seizures. It is sometimes used as a dietary supplement and to ease the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Benefits of Pyridoxine: Pyrodixine prevents peripheral neuropathy, a certain nerve disorder caused by taking some types of medication, such as isoniazid. It is also used to treat various types of hereditary disorders, such as homocystinuria or Hunter syndrome, a hereditary disease that only affects the male members of the family. Pyrodixine is used together with folic acid to treat high levels of homocysteine levels in the blood. There is also some evidence that shows its efficacy against high blood pressure, macular degeneration, and behavior disorder associated with low levels of serotonin.

Found In: Almost all types of food including meat, fruits, and vegetables.