Verisol Collagen

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Collagen is the protein that is found all over the human body. It holds all the body together and provides it with strength. Natural collagen found in the body is called  endogenous collagen while the synthetic form is called exogenous collagen. There are 16 different types of collagen but the ones found in the body belong to Type 1 collagen which is much stronger than steel.

Benefits of Collagen: Collagen is abundant in the body but the supply is depleting as the body ages. It is mostly used for beauty and medical purposes. Collagen is usually directly injected into the skin. It removes wrinkles and improves the contours of the face. It can heal wounds faster when used as a wound dressing because it attracts new skin cells to the wounded area. Collagen also promotes new tissues to grow in the affected area. Collagen is also used in oral surgery preventing cells to grow around a wound in the tooth allowing new tooth cells to grow.